Totdat je terugschrijft…

How is your day?. I hope my letter will find you in good mood..  I’m still trying to remember where I found you.  p’raps I found you at some social network or dating site… Really I don’t remember because  that happend long time ago. But in any case I’m pleased that now I can chat with you. to my mind it’s good to communicate with individual from different country. Maybe we could change at least a few letters and get to know each other better? perchance we could make a good friendship Let’s see how it works. By the way Where are you from? I live in capital of Poland. It’s name is Warsawa. I like to learn new people and I’m waiting for chat and for a new friend. And what about you? Are you familiar with this? I’ll be glad to share free time with you. at present I decide on new country for my vacation. May be you can describe your’s? Customs and traditions? I esteem any information. I want to thank you in advance. I want to go on vacation for a long period of time.
Sorry I was not offered. My name is Maja. And what is your name? I hope I didn’t bother you much  I’ll be more than happy to hear from you. as you remember I’m willing to chat with you. 

Haaaaaaaaaaaai Maja!! Hauw ar joe!? May neem is Tijs van den Brink ent ai em from dze Netterlands. Senk ferry, ferry mutsj for raiting mie!! Biekos somtaims I am ferry loonlie ent ai doont no wat toe doe wit mai laif. Dzen ai sink about killing maiself, riellie. Doos ar dze moments zet ai koet joes a woeman laik joe, joe understent? I sink so bai maiself dzet joe ar a ferry koet lissener. Ai sie det joe hef a bril op, en doos woemans are moostlie ferry intell…int..inetl. Slim. Doos ar dze momentz dzet ai koet joes a riellie goed gesprek. Perhaps wit a blokje tjies ent a Fristie.

It woet bie nais if joe kom toe mie in mai hoomtouwn. I sink its nais toe have a riel-laif woemanfrent, so joe ken kum over ennietaim. Ai wil poet a matrasje on dze flor wer jou ken sleep en vielleicht perhaps wie ken den go sjitsjatten about dze Lord. I sink wie koet bie koet frents ent joe ken help me from not bie-ing so soewiesaidel. But ai must warn joe, if joe just wont for may boddie, witsj ai kan foellie understent, den dzet is fain wit mie, but joe must weet den tot after wie ar merriet. Ai hoop ai doont dissapoint joe wis det. Joe ken meel mie ennie-ennie-ennietaim at

Xxx-jes Tijs

Pie es

Hier is a foto of mie. Kwait a hunk not?

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